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CoN Chat Quotes

Have you ever heard of Rash? Probably not. But I bet you've heard of, haven't you? Yeah, that's right. Rash is an opensource copy of code, written from scratch by our very own FraudulentTommah. The Rash system was recoded for CoN by Tommah as a repository for CoN Chat quotes, and is called the CoN Quote Management System (CoNQMS). CoNQMS is ONLY for submission of funny quotes from CoN Chat.

Here's how it works: when you view the quotes on CoNQMS, you'll see three icons. One will be a + , another a - , and a third an [X]. It's pretty straightforward, really. To add a point to the score of a quote you like, just click the +. If you don't like the quote you're reading, you can always click the -. Finally, if you think that the quote doesn't belong on a family-friendly site like CoN, click the [X]. Doing that will flag the quote, and the CoN staff will quickly review it and remove it if necessary.

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