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Using your own client

So you're going to follow our advice and use a proper client? Good for you. Here's how to set up mIRC, a good client for Windows. If you're using a different OS, try a websearch for compatible IRC clients, and skip down to the section on connecting for details of the server and channel.

Important Note

Note that the exact steps in this guide apply only to versions of mIRC prior to version 6.10. Newer versions feature a somewhat different user interface, but the same options should still be there; they just won't necessarily be in the same place.

Step One: Download

Visit the mIRC website. There should be a download link on the left, near the top, which will take you to a page with various download locations for the latest version. Click one of them, and choose to either open the file from its current location, or to save it. If you chose to open straight off, you should be presented with the mIRC setup program after it downloads. If you chose to save, make sure you remember where you put the file, then find it, and open it.

Step Two: Install

Agree to the licence agreement, then choose where to install mIRC. If this is your first install, it is probably a safe idea to uncheck the option to backup existing files, and the option to keep your old configuration. The program should now install.

Step Three: Run and connect

When installation finishes, you should have the option to launch mIRC. Do so.

You'll now be presented with a large options dialog. You'll need to put in your nickname and a few other details here. We won't go into detail on the plethora of options available; the important one is the network to use, right up top. You need to select DarkMyst here. Make sure you've filled in the other options, then click Connect.

If DarkMyst doesn't appear there for some reason, choose your nickname and everything else, then click OK instead of connect. Then type the following into the input box at the bottom of the main window:


Now, with any luck, you should see a lot of status messages as you connect to the network. When all that's done, type the following to join us:

/join #narshe

Supplementary Info: Autojoin

You might want to automatically join #narshe whenever you connect to DarkMyst. This is quite simple to do in mIRC.

Click the File menu, then Options. Expand the Connect menu on the left, and click Perform. Check the box marked "Enable perform on connect".

Next to the network drop-down box, click Add, and choose DarkMyst from the list. Now select it from the dropdown box, and enter in the textbox below:

join #narshe

Simple, huh?

Feel free to ask any of the channel operators further questions in the channel, or post your queries on the forums.

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