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Yes, We Know, Chrono Trigger DS!

Chrono Trigger
So we know that it's been discussed a bit already, but this is news big enough that it simply must be brought onto our front page: Chrono Trigger is coming to the Nintendo DS.

Of course, the new version is going to be somewhat different, very likely in terms of a new dungeon, since that tends to be the stock addition to all of the Square-Enix remakes coming out these days. However, I'd also expect it to contain all of the additional data tables found in the PSX version, and of course the animated cut scenes. Finally, since this is coming out for the DS, there's no reason not to expect a great deal of interactivity between top and bottom screens. Heck, they even say that in the press release.

The final big news for today is that we now have an English-titles trailer; it's nothing amazing, but it does show that the gameplay and in-game graphics won't be changing, and it does give a launch window of Winter 2008, surely meant to imply that it will be launching just before Christmas. We will have, of course, links for you to preorder the game as we get them.

Source: Square-Enix North America


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MythrilShotgunComment 1: 2008-07-13 07:16
MythrilShotgun As long as they keep the anime cutscenes by Akira Toriyama (I think I got the name right) then I'll be happy, if they remove those, I'll cry.

Btw, in case your confused, those are only in the PSX version.
Dragon_FireComment 2: 2008-07-14 05:54
Dragon_Fire I don't think it's too much to say that the very concept of bringing Chrono Trigger to the DS is probably the best idea since idea since...well, whatever the last best idea was. I was giggling like a little girl when I first heard the news and I won't stop until it's in my hands this winter.

I'm dying to see what they add to the masterpiece.
laszlowComment 3: 2008-07-17 01:15
# Touching the screen is optional, but it does have a dual-screen layout
# Touch screen serves as a big d-pad (think Mario 64 DS)
# Battles on top with active time bar and health shown with your character
# Map and menus on bottom
# New slightly modified translation
# Final Fantasy Chronicles animated cut-scenes
# Character names can be more than 5 letters

It has those anime cutscenes, but evidently the touch screen movement is a pain in the rear. It's easier just to use the traditional D-pad, which is fine by me.

Also, the entire action is on two screens, but there are evidently plans for the original, single screened version as well: (last paragraph)
laszlowComment 4: 2008-10-27 16:08

^ Pretty good mini-feature on the new translation, new interfaces and features, and extra areas (all of which are optional).
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