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Final Fantasy 5 Single Class Challenge

Posted: 16th November 2011 04:48
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After WAAAY too long, I will try to breathe some life back into this forum. I lost all my data for my Red Mage Challenge, but I'm going to give it another go.
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Posted: 12th April 2012 05:13

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After 3 years, I'm finally getting back into this as well. I happened to notice this thread after coming here to do some research on the catch/releases for the monster trainers. I am currently halfway getting all 22 scc's, the solo white mage, and the solo berserker past Fork Tower.

I managed to get the solo white mage past fork tower without leveling a second white mage. I think it looks cleaner with only 1 leveled up. I had one level 3 character face omniscient. I used the standard wall/reflect ring and maintaining wall/reflect on omniscient after the initial dispel. But I bounced shell off omniscient to reduce the chance of drain being successful since it would kill the white mage.

There are no monster catch/releases that cause berserk? I guess the monster trainers are going to have to do Omniscient the hard way.

Edit: It doesn't matter. A release that does Breath Wind does half of Omniscient's Max HP because he is weak against wind. So once the magemasher knife does its thing, the other 2 characters release and that's the battle. I guess taking 2 characters to Omniscient would work too, but it would take 2 magemasher mutes. But it would make Minotauros a bit easier.

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Posted: 20th June 2014 01:44
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Finished this a few years ago, but just got back into FFV recently. I feel like the video of a triumphant solo Berserker should be posted here!

Without frame skip and automating the walk up to Exdeath, this could have taken a solid twenty years before a win, hah.
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Posted: 30th July 2014 21:20

Master Tonberry
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Hoooly crap.

Are some damage numbers not appearing properly in the video or does reflected Fire 3 not damage Neo-Exdeath properly sometimes?

And why does your character raise arms to attack sometimes and swing hammer to attack sometimes but seems to produce an earthquake every time?

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Posted: 15th September 2014 03:16

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X-Death has multiple "parts" to his body so sometimes reflected spells or X-Fight will hit a part that is already dead and not do damage.
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