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Posted: 12th April 2012 16:44

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Since i beat most of the game,i will say what i think so far,and edit it to add more as i go along:

You open up inside a jail cell,and no matter what you do,you end up there.You start off going into a sewer system.From there,you move on to your star sign,and then your class.

You are better off doing the intro once,and then saving right before you leave the cell so you can edit and save over it in a different file.Doing so gives you the option to edit your name and class and star sign,and you don't have to witness the intro every time.

Most of the dungeons are extremely monotonous,so i tend to avoid them.They are almost always the same:Undead dungeon,vampire dungeon,monsters & animal dungeons,or ghost dungeons.

The dungeons and towers themselves aren't too exciting.I find that most of the fun to be had,is in doing quests.

The little quests aren't as fun as the bigger ones.The really long ones are more rewarding.My favorite quest,is the sheogorath quest,and the thieves guild and assasin's guild quest.Some of the quests are obviously more fun than others.

The warrior guild is far less fun than the mages guild quest,and the mages guild is not as fun as the dark brotherhood.The dark brotherhood is fun,because you actually are doing evil acts,and you feel like you are actually evil.There is some contradictory though,as you will eventually run out of things to do and beat the game.I would love it if there was an alternative ending,where you could help the bad guy win as an evil worshipper in the crimson dawn.

The dialogue in this game,is mostly pretty bland.They use the same voice actors over and over,and there is only 1 voice actor that is completely different:The voice actor for lord sheogorath,and the demonic voices.

There are also minor dialogue differences between the crimson dawn,and the people of town,like:The crimson dawn say:The dawn is breaking.It gets very old hearing:Die criminal scum,or:I fought mud crabs tougher than you.

Glitches:There are a lot of glitches in this game,and i think that my copy is damaged because i turned off my ps3 without saving my game in the past.

Overall:I think for now i will give this an 8.0,because it is a pretty good game,but i think that once i actually beat this game,i have pretty much done everything.This game is a barrel load of fun though.
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Posted: 12th April 2012 17:12

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Hmm, thanks for posting this. I've been meaning to try out Oblivion, after hearing various good things about it and it looked kinda fun when I saw someone else playing it. I think they were playing it on XBox 360, though I don't know what difference that makes; I was thinking of getting it on Steam (i.e. PC/Windows) anyway.

Sounds like the dungeons are meh and the game's best features are in town and interactions and stuff to do. A bit disappointing in my opinion.

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Posted: 12th April 2012 18:26

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The xbox 360 gets all the dlc,while the ps3 gets none of those perks for the most part.

This kinda sucks for ps3,because it also means that bugs are more difficult to fix.

Time to finish my review.

I beat oblivion finally,and the game continues like supposedly it does after you beat the main quest,so i waited and got all the reward and finished the main quest.After that,i walked around,and some people still refused to talk about me as a rumor,while others near the statue would talk about my feats.The end of the quest was kind of cool,but the oblivion gates were very repetitive,and boring.

I felt also that the combat wasn't that good either.Slashing enemies endlessly gets very very boring fast,and chameleon can break the game,because you can't be seen.

If you plan to play this game,don't use chameleon,because it makes the game already easier than it is,unless you just want to run through areas.The reason i did it,was to go through those annoying oblivion gates faster.

Overall:I think i would give this a 7.5,because i like this game,but it has more than a few flaws:

Glitches:Needs to be fixed,as they can hurt the game.
Dungeons and caves:Very repetitive,but the oblivion gates are actually worse.
Dialogue:Very bland for the most part,and the story is paper thin.
Gameplay:This is where the game's strongest point is.The best part,are the actual quests,not the dungeons.

Overall:its still a fun game,but i don't think i have a reason to play it anymore.

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