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Gogo Pallet Swap in Cyan's Dream

Posted: 17th January 2012 06:46
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I did Cyan's dream today, and I had Gogo in my party. Before I woke him up and he entered my party, Gogo was dressed in pink. Has anyone seen this before?
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Posted: 17th January 2012 20:27

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I want to say yes.

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Posted: 18th January 2012 08:06

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I have never seen this, now I am intrigued! The closest I remember is the scene after the opera in the airship, when Setzer says something that makes Celes blush, Edgar I think will blush, too, because they're on the same pallette coloration.

So that one makes mechanical sense, I dunno what would cause Gogo to go pink.

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Posted: 22nd January 2012 14:58

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The Gogo sprite in Cyan's dream - at least, when he's down to be rescued by you - uses Mog/Umaro's palette, which is mostly white and pink. It's a goof not many people see, but there you have it!

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Posted: 31st October 2012 15:01

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Ah, I remember when Djibriel pointed this one out so many years ago. Good times.

It is interesting because if Gogo is one of the two party members that must be "rescued" his/her/its colors are wrong, but if you wind up with Gogo in control first, you won't see the issue.

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